We specialize in hybrid ales, unique styles you won’t find anywhere else, inspired by a deep love of chemistry and beer. Based in Austin, TX.

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available year-round

Salutation golden alerefreshing yet solid – ABV 5.6%
A golden‑hued hybrid of a Czech Pilsner, a Pacific Coast pale ale, and a German Kölsch. Medium‑light body, with a hint of citrus scent.
UPC-A 860003146600

Oocheenama Asian white alelight and fragrant, surprisingly complex – ABV 5.9%
East meets West, and it’s exceptional. Spiced with ginger, nutmeg, orange peel, and jasmine flowers, this sophisticated union of a Belgian white ale with an East Asian rice lager pairs perfectly with both traditional and new-world Asian cuisines.
UPC-A 860003416617

Hoprocker India red aledeep crimson, full‑bodied – ABV 6.5%
It’s an Irish red ale crossed with an IPA. A floral nose and plenty of hop bitterness are balanced out by caramel malty sweetness.
UPC-A 860003146624

Ambrose amber-black aledark amber, malt‑forward, medium‑light body, – ABV 6.0%
This mash‑up of a Vienna amber with a scwharzbier has a smooth body that finishes with a touch of sweet smoke.
UPC-A 860003416631


Copperbockcoppery and crisp – ABV 6.5%
A joyful springtime hybrid of a Bavarian Maibock and an American copper ale is made with a unique strain of MI-Copper hops. Spicy nose, dry finish.

Zaydorf dark amber, malt‑forward, medium‑light body,– ABV 6.0%%
Take our roasted honey-touched Ambrose amber-black ale. Then age it on toasted applewood chunks that have been soaked in Four Roses bourbon. That’s Zaydorf.