At Orf Brewing, we start each recipe with a base of established tradition and mix in some modern technique. Next we add a dash of whimsy, maybe a pinch of why-not, and sprinkle in some what the-?. We then refine it all until we end up with a heaping helping of delicious.

We are releasing four original beers at the outset: Salutation AleHoprockerHoney Roast, and Oocheenama. See detailed descriptions below. We have other seasonal and special-release recipes planned, but we don’t want to reveal everything all at once. Where would the fun be in that?


"...the Salutation Ale was impressive, a bright, zippy Golden that holds its own with, say, Brooklyn Pilsner in terms of flat out drinkability with some finesse."-- Chris Matthews, Wine and Spirits columnist for the NY Law Journal and contributor to

Color: golden (5 SRM)

Bitterness: 28 IBUs (slight, but detectable)

Strength: 5.5% ABV

Greetings from Orf! This flagship brew is a golden American ale. In other words, it's a jumbled mix of different backgrounds that’s poised to take the world by storm. It's brewed like a Czech Pilsner (sort of), but with American strains of hops (such as those found in west coast pale ales), and it's finished off like a German Kölsch (but not exactly). The melting pot result makes for the perfect introduction of Orf Brewing to the craft beer market. Light enough to be refreshing in the Texas summers, it is also flavorful enough to be enjoyed year-round.


"West Coast-centric hopheads would love this. It rivals any IPA I’ve ever had." --Brian Yaeger, author of Red, White and Brew: An American Beer Odyssey

Color: deep red (16 SRM)

Bitterness: 60 IBUs (very hoppy, and aromatic)

Strength: 6.5% ABV

Hoppy Hoppy Joy Joy! There are hops, hops, and more hops added at multiple stages during the making of this intense India Irish Red Ale. Call it an I.R.A. for short. We call it "Hoprocker." We use a sexy blend of pale and caramel malts and a sassy yeast, along with other special ingredients such as the crest feathers of alpha male Rockhopper penguins. The result is a flowery, rich beverage with bite, body and balance. (Note: No anatomically complete Rockhopper penguins are harmed in the making of Hoprocker ale.)


"Aromas of roasty malt, crust, and honey lead in to a smooth honey toast-like body that finishes with hints of smoke making for an enjoyable, sessionable pint." -- “hopsaplenty,” regular contributor to

Color: dark mahogany (20 SRM)

Bitterness: 32 IBUs (moderate)

Strength: 6.0% AB

The use of roasted barley usually leads to a black ale or lager. Honey is typically added only to sweeter brown ales. But we say, Segregation NO! The ACLU didn’t fight court battles so "pure" grains could remain separate and unequal. Black, brown, red, golden, albin--we think they all deserve a chance to live their beery dreams. So we mixed roasted barley and a bit o’ honey together in close quarters, and then let them dance with some fine Vienna amber malts. After an hour-long ride in the front seat of the brewhouse bus, they all comingled deliciously. The end product is a subtly complex brew with a peaceful and enduring finish.


“I can say that it [Oocheenama] was far and beyond better than every batch [from other breweries] we tasted.”  — June Rodil, head beer buyer, Uchi sushi restaurant (voted “Best Restaurant in Austin” in the Austin Chronicle Reader’s Polls, 2006 – 2010 & 2012) on trying to find a beer specifically aimed at complementing their menu

Color: light gold (4 SRM)

Bitterness: 18 IBUs (mild and floral)

Strength: 5.6% ABV

Described as an "Asian White Ale," which is a category that to our knowledge heretofore did not exist, this hybrid of a Japanese rice lager, Belgian wit, and dry London ale is what sushi has been craving. Mongolian barbecue loves it.  Indian food too. Spiced with ginger and jasmine, Oocheenama will re-orient your palate to a whole new possibility of tastes in the world of beer.